Forefoot pain and metatarsalgia

Forefoot pain and metatarsalgia

Forefoot pain and metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia, is a type of pain and inflammation that occurs in the ball of foot and metatarsal heads. In the foot there are small nerves between the metatarsal bones and toes. When there is pressure between metatarsal bones in forefoot, the small nerve is entrapped between them, thus causing metatarsalgia and also called Morton’s neuroma.

The severity of the pain can vary and may affect just one or two toes or the whole foot. Metatarsalgia can worsen when weight is put on the foot such as standing, walking, or running.

Causes of metatarsalgia

·        Footwear that is tight can add pressure on the ball of the foot.

·        Wearing high heel shoes can cause forefoot pain despite the low back pain or knee pain, etc.

·       Obese and Overweight people; excess weight can put strain on the foot.

·       Age – As person get older, the fat pad that protects the foot can get thinner and has less protection from the strain of impact and load.

·       Foot shape – having a high arch or when the second toe is longer than the big toe can add to the pressure on the metatarsals.

·       High impact exercise such as running or jumping repeatedly can put more pressure in forefoot.

·       Some medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout can cause forefoot pain.

·       Claw toe and hammertoe can press metatarsal toward ground.

Signs and symptoms

§  A burning pain on ball of foot and near the toes

§  Pain that increases when standing and walking in barefoot but decreases when the weight is taken off the feet.

§  Tingling sensation in the toes


1-    Sometimes symptoms usually relieved by rest.

2-    Applying the ice on painful area.

3-    Using orthopedic insert / shoe or metatarsal pad

4-    Wearing appropriate footwear with a high, wide toe area and a rocker sole.

5-    in cases of more severe inflammation and pain, the doctor may prescribe drugs or injections.

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